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About Us

The foundation of Shri Jairam Brahamcharya Ashram was laid down in the year 1907, on the holy banks of river Kalindi. This ashram was established in Kilokadi Village (Ashram Chowk), New Delhi, basically for the publicity and proliferation of Sanskrit in our society. Many members from the Lohia family, like Mr. M.L. Lohia, Ms Aruna Goenka (sister), Mr. O.P Lohia, Mr. S.P Lohia, Mr. Aloke Lohia and Mr. Ajai Lohia, have made extraordinary financial contributions toward the establishment of this ashram.

A total of 45 rooms, including 12 fully air-conditioned rooms, are built in this ashram, equipped with all modern facilities and amenities. Saints, pilgrims and the needy can avail the boarding & lodging facilities in the rooms of this ashram. Free food is also provided to the saints and pilgrims, residing in this ashram. Many religious activities are carried out and holy rituals are also performed on a daily basis, in this delightful ashram.

Shri Jairam Brahamcharya Ashram is an ideological centre of excellence for contemplation and conceptual thinking. Free training, in the field of tailoring, fashion designing and computer applications, is provided to over 80 girl students in the premises of this ashram. Following the very purpose of community integration, this ashram is dedicated to serve the public at large. Brahamchari Shri Haripushpa Ji Maharaj, with his other saint brothers, has also helped in the growth and development of this ashram.




Following the very tradition of philanthropy and public welfare, Sh. M.L. Lohia has made great financial contributions for the construction of a temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, in the premises of Shri Jairam Brahamcharya Ashram. This temple was built on the request of villagers, and till date people can offer prayers in this divine temple.

There was no other ashram present in the vicinity, until the establishment of Shri Jairam Brahamcharya Ashram for the good of society, human welfare and social & national upgradation. The entire area gained popularity with the name of ‘Ashram Chowk’, post the establishment of this divine ashram.

Brahamchari Shri Haripushpa Ji Maharaj also supported the cause of establishing a temple within the premises of this ashram. An all-purpose yagyashala was also built in the ashram, so as to facilitate the saints and Brahmins to perform their regular holy rituals and activities. The remains of that yagyashala still exist in this ashram.




A state-of-the-art charitable hospital is also under construction, in the premises of Shri Jairam Brahamcharya Ashram. This specialized hospital will be dedicated to the treatment of diabetic patients in India. The construction of this hospital, to be named as Kanchan Devi Lohia Diabetic Hospital & Research Institute, is expected to be completed by the end of 2013.

This specialized diabetic hospital will run totally on charitable basis, with major donations made by Shri Aloke Lohia, for its establishment and future operations. This hospital is planned to be associated with other best diabetic hospitals and research institutes in India and abroad. Well qualified and specialized doctors from overseas institutes will be employed in this hospital, to provide best quality treatment to diabetic patients in India.



Osteopath Clinic

Indorama Charitable Osteopath Clinic

Indorama charitable Trust has started a Osteopath Charitable Clinic at Delhi in Jairam Ashram at Ashram in New Delhi. The expert is Dr G.L Parashar of Jodhpur Rajasthan, a well name in the field will be available for the treatment of the patients every month from 20th to 25th. Remaining days his Junior Doctor will render the services. The Clinic was inaugurated by Shri S.P Lohia, Chairman, Indorama Corporation as on the 14th of July 2013. Response is very good. Cross section of patients from across Delhi and NCR region are taking advantage of the facility. Approximately 80 to 100 Patients are getting treated on daily basis at the clinic.



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Shri Jairam Brahamcharya Ashram
109, Ashram Chowk,
Harinagar, Mathura Road,
New Delhi.

Mr. Darshan Lal (Manager)
Phone No: 011-26341101, 011-23344841-42