Shri Seth Navrang Rai Lohia Jairam Mahila Hospital, Lohar Majra



About Us

The foundation of Seth Navrang Rai Lohia Jairam Mahila Hospital was laid down on 16 September, 2002, in the village of Lohar Majra. This state-of-the-art women healthcare centre was established to cater primarily to the healthcare needs of girl students of all the Jairam Educational Institutions, with major donations made by Mr. M.L. Lohia.

This hospital was built to provide general medical service to all the girls, pursuing different courses from Jairam Educational Institutions, and also to all the needy women and children in Lohar Majra and other nearby villages.

This hospital remains open from 8 AM till 3 PM. With the support and blessings of Brahamchari Shri Braham Swaroop Ji Maharaj, this hospital remains engaged in successfully providing best quality treatment and medicines to women and children from nearby villages.




We believe in the philosophy that ‘a sound mind rests only in a sound body’. Following this aforementioned saying, we take wellbeing and health of all our students and staff members seriously. Seth Navrang Rai Lohia Jairam Mahila Hospital carries operations on a small scale and provides quality healthcare facilities to our students and staff members, in emergency situations. This hospital is also open to provide emergency healthcare services to patients residing in nearby villages. Few facilities available at Seth Navrang Rai Lohia Jairam Mahila Hospital are:



Contact Info

Campus of Jairam Educational Institution
Village – Lohar Majra,
Pehowa Road,
Near Jyotisar,
Kurukshetra, Haryana

Dr. Kusum Sharma
M: +91 09996115515