Indorama Sanwarlal Osteopathy Charitable Hospital, Jodhpur

Indorama-sanwarlal-osteopathyMr.S.P.Lohia Chairman Indorama corporation through Indorama Charitable Trust New Delhi, India is financing the Indorama Sanwarlal Osteopathy Charitable Hospital at Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The proposed hospital is under planning stage. It will be run and operated by Dr.G.L.Parashar and his team based out of Jodhpur. He is a leading and well known expert in providing treatment for Osteopathy / Pain Management.

The Services that the Indorama Sanwarlal Osteopathy charitable hospital will cover the following facilities:

The facilities will provide services to the suffering patients of economically weaker section of the Society in a professional environment. It is targeted to complete the project by 2016-2017.