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About Us

Mr M.L. Lohia campaigned and advocated his voice for an educational system that is in close contact with ethos and culture of India. He believed if education has to play a meaningful role in growth and development of society, then its curriculum should be value driven to mould every student into a noble human being. Following this belief, he established DSB International Public School.

Mr M. L. Lohia, alongside with Shri Devendra Swaroop Brahmachari Ji, laid down strong fundamentals for education curriculum in DSB International Public School. He was also well aware of the fact that such an institution would require full financial support.

This school is situated on the foothills of Himalayas where the holy Ganges enters the plains of India. It is located in the holy city of Rishikesh. Mr. M.L. Lohia chose Rishikesh as the prime location for the school, given its scenic beauty and close connection with Indian cultural heritage. Such a setting is conducive for all round development of students with emphasis on learning as well as physical and spiritual development.

At DSB International Public School children are nurtured to be performers not only in academics but also in diverse co-curricular activities. Their overall personality is groomed, so as to develop a sense of responsibility towards society and nation at large.




Mr. M.L. Lohia is a visionary and a great admirer of quality education where highest global standards are nurtured and followed. To realize his dream into reality DSB International Public School was established. He always knew materializing an international program or institution of this magnitude into reality; one needs commitment, devotion, dedication, and preparation apart from capital support and zeal to do something really revolutionary for the society.

He firmly believes that our country needs quality institutions which will pave the way for the future growth and development of the society. He has half fulfilled his mission for a world class institution and he feels his mission will be fully realized when his legacy for excellence would be carried forward by the school in times to come.







Kindergarten Section

There is a saying, “a child is next to godliness”; psychologists are convinced that a child’s mind is shaped and groomed before the age of six, therefore, there is a need to nurture it with positive and caring environment.


Primary Level


Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary Level



Class Size

More than 2000 students




We have a strong belief that academics should be backed by other co-curricular activities for the complete development of personality.

Highlights of Activities Carried Out at the School:




Language Lab

A separate Language Lab has been established in the school to equip students with better conversational and communication skills. The teaching involves all four steps of learning ie. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The school also extends its software support to teach foreign languages like English, French, German etc. Even Hindi and Dev Vani Sanskrit are taught with same expertise.

Science Lab

The school has three spacious and well equipped Science Labs like Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs. There is separate arrangement of integrated science lab for Middle School Students as well.

Mathematics Lab

Mathematics is better learned outside the realms of the classroom where there is scope of applying theoretical concepts in practice. For better understanding and learning of basic concepts of Math, we have developed a Math Lab equipped with materials, specially designed for children.

Geography and Environmental Science Lab

The Geography and Environmental Science Labs have been designed to help students enjoy these subjects.

Computer Lab

The school is well-equipped with Computer Lab with presence of computers having latest configurations. To keep in sync with latest technology, all softwares are kept updated.

Games and Sports

Sports and games play an important role in all round development of a child. They build their character by infusing sportsman spirit in them, developing confidence and teamwork. There is also arrangement for indoor sports like skating, Table Tennis, Indoor Badminton, Gymnastics, Taekwondo/ Judo Karate etc.

Other Facilities/Activities

To summarize, the school is fully equipped with latest amenities that ought to be there in a world class institution.



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Shri Devender Swaroop Brahmchari International Public School
Gumaniwala, Rishikesh (Uttrakhand) India # 0135-2121775, 2452583